FireVisibilityTM SSL VPN administration

The FirevisibilityTM SSL VPN Appliance has been designed to be adapted for all the two types of existing VPN- Remote Access VPN as well as Site to Site VPN. FireVisibilityTM SSL VPN Appliance uses SSL Proxy and SSL Gateway for secured connection and point-to-point connectivity.


The FirevisibilityTM SSLG is a Linux virtual centralized gateway appliance that provides on-demand SSL connectivity using FirevisibilityTM SSLP (client). It supports multiple client connections at a time up to 15 clients at maximum. It works as a SSL consolidator and SSL gateway router. The SSLG firewall policies controls traffic flow between multiple SSLP’s behind customer network. The SSL network connectivity can only be established from customer end SSLP when the customer schedules a remote assistance session for engineer assistance.

The FireVisibility™ SSLP (client) is a Linux virtual appliance that helps customer controlled on-demand SSL connectivity between customer network approved system to the FireVisibility™ SSLG (gateway) appliance for remote connectivity


Usages of VPN in Corporate Businesses  
In the corporate world the use of VPN is immensely clear from following official perspectives. They are: -

  • Remote access to confidential internal websites
  • Upgradable and enhanced Cybersecurity
  • Business travel security
  • Remote work security
  • Remote access to confidential database
  • Collective business and technical data analysis and forecasting.
  • Access Control and user management
  • Internal research, experiments and QA testing..
  • Secure onsite live video and audio feeds to authorised professionals

Advantages of VPN:

  • Cost Savings
  • Security​
  • Flexible
  • Scalability​
  • Quality ​
  • Compatibility
  • Reliability
  • Control and Device Management ​

Five Security layers within VPN based connection:  

  • Exchange Layer Security
  • Data Encryption Layer Security
  • Data Integrity Layer Security
  • Web Gateway Firewall policies
  • Authentication/Digital Signature/ Certificate Layer Security

Nanoinfomatrix VPN Service :  
FireVisibility SSL VPN Appliance is a product of Nanoinfomatrix

  • It has fundamentally two components:
    • SSL Proxy
    • SSL Gateway
  • These two components are used for the point-to-point connectivity.
  • This establishes a secured connection between the source and the destination.
  • Case specific advantages of Nanoinfomatrix choice for VPN type and version
    • 360-degree network visibility and Access Control on the network
    • Devices and device owner full identification within all the scopes of the network environment.
    • Unique one-of-a-kind technology that filters out unmanaged inside systems.
    • AI based self-configurable solutions for real-time automated/adaptive security feature settings.
    • Delivers auto Asset Discovery for Configurable Management Database (CMDB) update.

    On Demand Connection :  

    • It fundamentally means that it is the client who decides to initiates the VPN session at the time of his requirements and it is the client only who terminates the VPN session as and when need comes from their respective ends.