The solution for The Cloud applications Control and Security

FireVisibility™ Cloud Security Access Broker (CASB) solution intermediary empowers to rapidly recognize and deal with the cloud applications utilization, whether or not they are overseen or unmanaged. Keeps touchy information from being exfiltrated from factor by hazardous insiders or noxious cybercriminals who have managed to penetrate your edge.

The FireVisiblity™ CASB – Cloud Security

The FireVisibility™ CASB - Cloud Security solution gives unmatched perceivability and continuous information and danger assurance when getting to cloud administrations, sites, and private applications from anyplace, on any gadget. It comprehends the cloud and adopts an information driven strategy that engages security groups with the correct equalization of assurance and speed they have to make sure about their advanced change venture.

CASB use cases


Microsoft Teams cloud application:

• Access control and administration
• Login allowed only using corporate user account
• Allow only set of Teams sites from a specific controlled environment such as development VDI
• Chat allow only for set of users from a specific controlled environment such as development VDI


Microsoft SharePoint on-prem and cloud application:

•Access control and administration
• Login allowed only using corporate user account
• Allow only set of SharePoint sites from a specific controlled environment such as development VDI
• Document view/edit/download/upload control

Benefits of CASB

Identify and authorize shadow IT solutions:  Knowing about what isn't known! FireVisibility™ CASB solution gives perceivability into Shadow IT activities, which helps in distinguishing hazardous cloud applications, forestall risky utilization of unsanctioned applications, and furthermore recognize the most defenseless clients who are in danger. To consent to rules and guidelines like HIPAA, one should be particular in picking cloud applications (authorized applications) and characterize consistence strategies and guidelines as per the work process. It will guarantee consistence and security of information that might be expected to put over the cloud. Those applications which the associations consider dangerous can be ordered as unsanctioned applications, and their use can be limited. Kinds of endorsed applications incorporate "efficiency applications, for example, Office 365, "Record Collaboration Apps, for example, Box or Drobox or Google Apps, and "Line of Business Sanctioned Apps" backing and promoting applications, R&D applications, and so forth.

Forestall Cyber Threats:  Threats can be genuine or virtual and outer or inward. You can reinforce the cloud security by using FireVisibility™ CASB solution to alleviate these dangers most adequately. By deploying our CASB solution, you can alleviate both the outside just as interior dangers quiet. It is conceivable to limit information access inside gatherings, screen clients' online conduct progressively, track people or gatherings disallowed exercises, oversee BYOD get to, and even control outer record sharing over the cloud arrange.

Forestall Data Leakage:  FireVisibility™ CASB solution module attempting to forestall information spillage or Data Loss Prevention (DLP). DLP service empower the association to fundamentally implement and force limitations on client exercises, along these lines not giving the opportunity to pernicious plans to do their business. The cutoff points can be as gadget limitation, get to limitation, limitation to Geo-area, time limitation, and so forth. Subsequently, FireVisibility™ CASB deployment gives better authority over conceding authorizations to clients.