Real-Time Traffic Inspection

Shouldn't your security be, too?

FireVisibility™ secure web gateway (SWG) inspects web traffic in real-time, analyzing content against corporate policies and ensuring any content that is inappropriate or which contravenes company policy is blocked. It allows administrators to enforce common security policy templates straight off the shelf and also configure policies that are suited to their business model or compliance requirements.

Common Next Gen SWG Use Cases

SWG use cases are mostly based on policy coverage, deployment and integration.

1. Monitor, identify and enforce Assess policy on Cloud application and internet web traffic
Offers on-prem and cloud solution to accomplish inline deployment for a great many oversaw and unmanaged applications and cloud administrations, in addition to web traffic, and bind together SWG, CASB, DLP basic abilities into one Next Gen SWG stage.

2. Granular Control of managed and unmanaged Cloud Apps
Get continuous, granular control of thousands of cloud applications including the ones drove by lines of business and clients. This empowers you to stop the awful and securely empower the great.

3. Web content filtering and coach users on acceptable use of internet access policy Including cloud apps
It covers URL categoriezation, custom classes, and dynamic page appraisals for new destinations with far reaching cloud application use rating and satisfactory use arrangements that spread both cloud and web.

4. Secure against malware and apply multi-layer advanced threat detection
Secure against malware and propelled dangers with cutting edge guard capacities from cloud application case attention to pre-execution content and full-scale investigation and AI oddity discovery.

5. Apply data loss prevention (DLP) Across the platform
TThe Cloud and Web traffic proceeds to confidence, precise and exact assessment with cutting edge capacities going from definite match to fingerprinting with comparability coordinating.

6. Redirect remote offices and remote user traffic to centralize policy enforcement
Dispose of expensive back pulling and improve execution for far off workplaces and clients with New Edge get to streamlined for low dormancy and high limit.

Protection for off-grid remote users.

As workforces become more distributed, there is a need for security solutions to offer protection on an anywhere, anytime and any device basis. A FireVisibility™ secure web gateway allows roaming users to authenticate seamlessly and to have the same security policies applies to their devices as they would if they were in the office. The result is a protected connection no matter where they are working and total peace of mind that all internet traffic is secure.