What is missing?

The FireVisibility™ works with leading network infrastructure vendors and third-party security solutions. Use your preferred switches, wireless routers, firewalls, VPNs, NAC etc. This flexible platform always accommodates your evolving network without requiring network upgrades or vendor lock-in. As companies are growing and PC hardware prices are going down, it is necessary to detect and identify unmanaged systems presence in network. Infrastructure Operation always afraid taking out the system from network without knowing who and why installed in network. This kind of systems are the most vulnerable and great inside threats for the companies and current most of the security solution only covers managed system visibility. Finally, these hosts present blind spots, putting your network and data at risk for loss and exposure.

FireVisibility™ - Complete and comprehensive visibility solution!

Can you tell who owns unmanaged systems or in case of security breach how much time needed to locate compromised systems. Our automatic, continuous monitoring and assessment system provides comprehensive real-time host information and their risk profile which gives strength to your SOC agent to focus on incident remediation with informed decision.

Auto Asset Discovery: Auto Configuration Management Database (CMDB) Update

Auto asset discovery and management provides complete visibility for on‑premise and cloud compute resources along with their owner and department. Tracks asset changes across organization infrastructure and feeds to CMDB system i.e. Service Now. Helps to set a strong foundation for managed and unmanaged asset from the asset planning and procurement with accurate data and relationship views for ITSM change management, Software Asset Management, Customer Service Management, Security Operations, and more.

Do you have continuous monitoring and actionable insights?

A continuous host profile and updated risk score can help you to prevent a possible breach and enterprise level risk assessment. Unmanaged endpoint network device is the weakest link and greatest inside threat in your corporate network once it may not follow security standards and policies.

Is your host monitoring and risk assessment continuing!

How many systems come and go from corporate LAN network on daily basis, how does your hosts risk profile change over the time once your environment and threats are constantly evolving. What you need is a comprehensive continuous host risk monitoring and visibility system which can use other security technologies for findings, correlation and continuous host risk profiling.

Unique Capabilities

Nano Infomatrix's complete Endpoint Visibility Solutions

likely Owner detection for managed and unmanaged System

Save Money and reduce Manpower effort for host identification.

Scalable Architecture System

Network heartbeat Monitoring and real-time host Profiling

Reduce security incident response and remediation time

Works for managed and Un-managed network host.